Shipper? I hardly knew her!


Well, looks like today is the dreaded USPS hike day many sellers have heard of and have been fearing for a while now… (definite ass chapper…)

Here’s a break down of sorts:

Domestic postage stamps go from $ .45 to $ .46 cents. and On retail packages (when you buy at the Post Office) you will get FREE tracking with priority mail and standard post. You will still have to buy tracking for First Class Parcels.

The various flat rate priority packaging will have different pricing.

Flat rate Express envelopes are going up to $19.95 but the flat rate boxes will remain the same at $39.95.

Most of the PO box rates are going up, as well as money order fees, certified, etc.)

…and International Shoppers can expect an even *bigger* rise:


Pongo’s reaction when we told him…

There is now going to be a First Class International Forever stamp for $1.10
Canada and Mexico have always had a separate and lower pricing tier but Mexico is now going to be grouped with all other countries. So if you mail letters to Mexico the cost is going to $1.10 from the current $ .85.

First Class Parcels are being moved from mailing services to shipping services with a HUGE price increase. I mean 50% price increase. This is to help offset the cost we have incurred from having to comply with export regulations since we now have to stand there and manually enter all that information on the customs forms. There will be a flat rate of $6.55 to all countries on all FCMI parcels weighing 1 or 2 ounces.

Ass chapped yet?


Knitter to the north’s reaction… Needless to say, we had to jam outta there pretty fast. I don’t think anyone ever saw a VW bus drive that fast.

Well, it does suck…boy does it suck, but in the end our friendly postal workers are living pay check to pay check like many of us so, please, be kind to your local postal carriers and clerks, they are just doin’ their jobs and feeding their families, like us ❤

Show kindness & harmony. Might even shock em… (…somethin’ Deadheads are good at.)

Also, don’t forget to adjust your listings accordingly, by either taking some stuff down there to get an estimate or using the price calculator located on the USPS website.

Find it here:


~DHAA Team


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