DHAA Artist of the Month – October 2013 – Amy Sayre Store: Everydaypixie


Greetings!  I’m Amy and Welcome to my *Fashionable Life as an Everydaypixie*


Amy Sayre

Amy Sayre

My first love has always been the Grateful Dead.  Music has always been an integral part of my life.  Growing up in the 70’s and listening to the likes of the Beatles, CCR, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, ELO, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, David Bowie and the list goes on… no doubt shaped my musical tastes. In 1989, when I was a junior in high school, The Bus came by and I literally got on.  The sense of love and connection, and a genuine caring for others was intoxicating. It was then and there I decided that was how I wanted to live my life. I finished up high school, enrolled in college, and took off a month later for tour.  I was on the road nearly two years.


It was during this time on the road, that I developed my love of dyeing fabric, reading Tarot and palms, and working macramé.  I sometimes felt that my heart would just burst from all the joy, harmony, and peace I felt with my little family.


I found myself wanting to make a significant change in the everyday lives of people.  How could I help?  What would make the most impact?  How could I help others share in all this magic? I headed back to Indiana and re-enrolled in college.  Much to my parents chagrin, I decided to go into education.  They were shocked I hadn’t chosen pre-law (environmental law) or fashion design. ***Note the dichotomy. This is where it all starts…

Everyday Pixie

Everyday Pixie

While at Ball State, u-hum, home of David Letterman, I met my future husband


Again, the pull of the road was too strong, and we headed back out on tour. We criss-crossed the country from Dead Tour to Phish Tour, with a little Jane’s Addiction and Beastie Boys in between.  Fast Forward to August 9, 1995.  Jerry Garcia’s death was a defining moment in my life.  My love for him was about as equal as the love for my Grateful Dead family.  As I listened to Bobby’s gentle words memorializing Jerry from Golden Gate Park, one encouragement stood out among the rest.  “Take your love and what you’ve learned out into the world.” I left the Broad Ripple gathering feeling excited, with a renewed sense of purpose.  Education it was…  I also found myself pregnant with our daughter.  I’ve always joked that she is Jerry reincarnate.  She was born May 7, 1996.  Do the math


Fast forward 10 years. I’m married to a wonderfully supportive man, have two awesome kids, and an established career as an inner-city, urban teacher.  We’ve raised our children to have a supreme respect for nature and compassion, empathy, and understanding for all.

One of our favorite places to connect with nature is the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park in Hart, Michigan. I’ve been visiting this same sleepy town located on Lake Michigan since I was born. It’s so heart-warming to see my kids doing the same things and me, when I was their age.  I used to have a t-shirt when I was little that said “Hart is for lovers” with the cheesy 70’s graphics on it. I’ve looked for an adult size for years with no luck.  If anyone could help me out with that, I’d be most appreciative!  LOL

amy6michigansand dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park
Hart, Michigan

I *LOVE* Random Acts of Kindness! One of our family’s biggest Random Acts of Kindness is our Annual Fourth of July waterslide.  It’s so much fun to see and hear first-timers’ reactions! This is dug by shovels and hand. It’s become such an annual tradition we often hear “We’re so glad to see you guys this year – our kids were really looking forward to this.” We never charge anyone, and strangers always help pack it up when the day is over. Warms my heart…

amy7raoksand dunes 1

As my life progressed as a professional woman, I had a paradigm shift. I consider myself a very educated consumer, but realized that my fashion whore consumerism was having a negative impact on the environment.  Again, the same old questions arose, “How can I help?  What can I do to help others have this same realization?”  Thus was born, EverydayPixie.



I had been dyeing fabrics literally most of my life and began to investigate a more sustainable way of addressing my fashion addictions.  I began just making pieces for myself; clothes I could wear to work and festivals and anywhere in between.  That vision expanded into vending small music festivals, then larger venues.

amy13maxi dress 5

My goal for EverydayPixie is to create *magical* pieces of versatile clothing with a commitment to earth friendly production practices. All my fabrics are certified organics, and hand dyed by me, using eco-friendly, fiber reactive dyes. My greatest compliment is when any lovely lady, from any walk of life, cares enough about the environment to purchase one of my pieces. I want organic clothing to go mainstream, no matter if it comes from my shop or not!


Many of you know I have been at a cross-roads here recently regarding Etsy.  Their new guidelines and policies have really made me question the integrity of the company and if that is a future I want to be apart of.  The handmade small businesses they began with were what drove me to start a store there.


The Deadhead Art Alliance spirit of TEAM has helped me to realize that this is bigger than a venue.  I *LOVE* our team and what we’ve grown into.  With this bond in mind, I will continue to list my custom made items in my Etsy store, but reserve my one of a kind items for my Zibbet and Storenvey sites.  I may disagree with Etsy’s vision of handmade, but I don’t disagree with the communal vision of the Deadhead Art Alliance.  I could never see not being a part of it.  ❤ to all my teamies!

amy14 Cowl Neck

***All these ecological beauties and many more can be found here:







***You can keep up with EverydayPixie’s happenings here:




Team Position: Random Acts of Kindness Leader


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  1. Awe Amy , you are such a sweetheart. What a fantastic blog post and fun and inspiring story. I love your clothing so much. I am so grateful to have meet you on Etsy, thanks to Jen creating the Deadhead Art team. It is so cool that the Dead’s music has so many generations of people loving their music. The music lives on……. Much love to you.

  2. congrats Amy!!! Glad to hear more about you!!! I also have that same fire pit and a similar picture lol!!! Keep on keepin’ on!! 🙂

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