Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – June 2014 – Vayda Stapleton – Store: Hippi Heaven




Hi my name is Vayda Stapleton and I am from the woods of Washington where I currently live on 2 acres of land in Woodland.  I am the owner and the creator behind Hippi Heaven.

10528178_10203497636434578_148166037_n I create handmade hula hoops, tie dyes, one of a kynd clothing and hair accessories.
My light is to spread happiness and hippi love through color and hoop fun.


My creation process varies with what I am creating. Each item has its own time frame and individual process, but all are full of love and color and made to last.


As long as I can remember art and music has been my thing, and being an artist has always been my goal. Always drawing, always dreaming, always listening to music and playing numerous instruments.


Painted guitar for the kiddos

When I was 16 I emersed myself in art and music. I took many art classes, spent lots of time in art galleries, always drawing and playing guitar and spending lots of time in vintage shops loving all the colors.10543737_10203498122646733_558314310_n
I started sewing then too. I’d had basic lessons from my mom and I had taken home economics prior (though I hated it as it was so mundain and slow).   I’m a fast learner and repetition drives me insane!

“I found my love for sewing in my first pair of panel pants I created for myself. “

10487642_10203498096766086_31567370_nIt started a fire of passion in me and my dream of Hippi Heaven was born shortly after.  I started sewing my own clothes and creating for friends and family.


When I was 19 I found my gift and path into the healing world. I became a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer within the year.  I continued to paint and sew whenever I could… picking up gigs when I could like shop signs, murals, gifts, etc. My life at that time was very full with a husband, a toddler, and working part time as a healer.


In 2003 my daughter was born and my inner artist was crying to be released. I believe I had fed & awaked her during the process of painting my greatest mural in Helena, MT. “The Fairy Wall.”  This is my most favorite thing I have created and am most proud of to date !!!


I started creating things when I could & playing guitar regularly again.
My dream of Hippi Heaven was rekindled when a few years later we moved to our current home and I finally had space to dedicate to creating a whole room of my own. I was so excited.  As the kids grew I found I had more time to create again.  10543684_10203497655795062_1632800825_n

10555082_10203498096646083_1296832130_nIn 2009 I received my first hula hoop, a trade from a Facebook friend (Krystal).  I was in love! And it opened up the gate of creation.  A year later I found my light, making hoops and spreading hoop love.  I started tie dying again and sewing regularly. For years I held a fine balance of multitasking between Raising two kiddos, being a wife,working as a Massage Therapist and starting Hippi Heaven.


In 2011 I took the big leap and got my business license and started vending.  I quickly became “the Hoop Lady” locally and my booth grew quickly.  I found my true self.  Happily spreading Hippi love through hoops fun and colorful creations.


2012 was a defining moment for me. The universe literally stomped on my foot, no joke, I had sprained my ankle walking out of my friends front door.  It was bad!  I couldn’t massage, I couldn’t hoop, I couldn’t even walk for months.  I spent a lot of time meditating, soul searching and healing.  I was broke down, burnt out from the past 6 years of juggling full time massage, being an artist, mother and wife.  I made the hardest decision of my life. – I closed my successful private practice and retired from massage and the healing world to be a homeschool mom and artist.


I couldn’t be happier!  Yes, its still a juggle but I am so grateful I listened and stood up for myself and my children.  My hoops always bring me so much happiness.


My first memory of seeing something made is a little hard as I don’t remember much before I was 8 when we moved to WA.  I remember my mom being crafty. She painted ceramics a lot.  I got into it with her and I remember drawing all the time.  I have drawing pads full of sketches, doodles, trees, copies of video covers, art, etc.


I’d have to say music and color are the biggest inspirations for me to create.

Then, I listen to my inner guidance and to what the item is crying to be.  There are times when ideas come to me, every step, and my brain will obssess over it until I draw it and create it.


I love everything about what I do at Hippie Heaven.  From finding things at garage sales, thrift stores to recycle to vending at markets and festivals. Still, I’d have to say teaching a newbie how to hoop for the first time is my favorite.  It’s magical seeing their face light up and their heart shine with excitement and joy and playing with the kids at each event I vend at.


What gets me through hard times… Love and support from my hubby and friends and focusing on staying positive… as well as Knowing what I do give goes out and comes back.


In my down time I always love hooping, hiking, camping, foraging/harvesting, mushroom picking, clam digging, oyster picking, hanging with friends and family and spending time with my kiddos.
I love books that educate me about plant identification, self help and herbalism. Currently I am learning to identify wildflowers.



My “miracle” show was the first event I vended and show i attended on my own.

Further came to Edgfield in Oregon.  My hubby was working out of town for the weekend and my friend Mike called me up and said hey you want to go?   I looked at the kids and said you want to go on an adventure and they were stoked. I had the van packed already to vend at the local farmers market which we bailed on and drove to Oregon.  Shakedown was full by the time we got there but that didn’t stop us.  We grabbed hoops and walked around for 4 hours slinging hoops in the lot.  The kids and I had a blast!

That night I found somewhere for the kids to go and the next day I ventured on my own.  No ticket just a van full of creations. I found a space on shakedown and I was a huge success.  My friend Mike found me that day as well as a few other local friends.  All of them had tickets for the show.  I let it go to the universe if I get a ticket sweet if not no biggy I was having fun selling my creations.  Mike came back later with a ticket for me to buy I was ecstatic! I made it to see the show found my friends the Neis family and their tribe way down in the front.  This was the closest I had ever been to the stage at the time.  In the first set they played “I need a miracle.”  It sunk in I was at my miracle show!  It was a little strange to be at a show without my man and to not have kiddos with me, but I had many good friends around (more than I realized at the time). This was also the show where I met Erica & Kyle from the team in person for the first time 😀


My favorite quote… To create change you must walk the path of change.


My hopes and dreams for Hippi Heaven … to continue spreading love!  I hope to travel and vend and then one day to have an actual store to sell my creations.


Peace, Love & Happy Hooping!!!

((Hippi Hugs))



Etsy Store: Hippi Heaven



We are happy you found Hippi Heaven Vayda, and even more proud that you let us visit and get to know you.!  What an amazing Woman!    Love, Deadhead Art Alliance!


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  1. We forgot to tell you all that there will be some yummy tie dye shirts in our team store in AUGUST by this Lovely Artistic Woman! !!! We Can’t wait to bust them out to play with some new designs and show you!

  2. I love reading your story. It is so cool to read storys of this generation of people carrying on with the love of hippie lifstyle and speading the love. So many values get lost along the way sometimes. I love that you are keeping the values of love ,color, music and light. Your children are very lucky to have you as there mom this time around the wheel. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Blessings of love to you and your family as you travel your path.
    Great post Jen , as always. It took me a little while to get here but I’m here now. I will reblog this awesome post for you and the team.
    Much love always!

  3. Reblogged this on thunderrose and commented:
    I am reblogging this wonderful blog post for my dear friend Jen, captain of the Deadhead Art Alliance team on Etsy. This is a really great article about a really cool artist.

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