Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – AUGUST – Krista Gordon Beller – Store – Krista Beller Designs




My name is Krista Beller. I live in Michigan and my Shop is Krista Beller Designs. I kept my

shop name broad because I make many forms of accessories and clothing. I focus on

many crafts including jewelry – gemstones and wire work, beadwork, kumihimo, micro­macrame, Precious

Metal Clay, resin, poly clay, ceramics, fused glass, and lampwork beads.

I also crochet, sew, and knit.


I create whenever and wherever I can. I take projects with me everywhere so I can

keep the flow going and finish. Unfinished projects call to me then start to feel like

working.   I have a workspace set up in my home now but am working toward a

larger space that can house all my tools and equipment including my torches and



I have created art in some form for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mom was super crafty and encouraged me to be crafty too. My sister and I were highland dancers as children and my mom made all of our costumes for competition. I always admired her ability to make whatever we needed. She taught me how to sew and inspired me to learn many crafts. 




We had an amazing art department at school where I learned to work with metals, ceramics, and focus on my drawing and painting. In my core classes I mainly worked on macramé and beading projects under my desk or hidden behind a book. I went to college for Fine Arts and found, to my surprise, that Economics and Accounting were second nature to me. 


I This leads me to my day job. I am a Financial Manager for a non-profit. Other than the schedule, the job is satisfying and allows me the stability to spend time with my family, go on trips and go to shows.

Of course the other half of my brain likes to plan projects while I’m working.





I also live on a small homestead where we grow organic food, raise chickens and dairy goats, and make cheese. I blend my own organic teas and tinctures as well. 


The first memory that comes to mind from childhood is digging in the dirt with my mom. She had an amazing garden.

Growing your own food really is like printing your own money.

Self determination, getting dirty and working hard for what you want is a satisfying lesson I learned early in life.  





Back in high school I made the best peyote stitch necklace with a beaded lace wrap around it that held the most beautiful crystal I have ever seen. I wore it every day for years. I had to sell it to get through tour one year.




I have made some heady pieces since. The blue and turquoise Cellini spiral in my picture is my new favorite.

I finished it with sterling silver and turquoise.

Turquoise is my favorite stone and happens to be my birthstone. 


Before my first show, I made clothes and jewelry for friends then I started selling a lot of dresses, pants, tops, and jewelry at Grateful Dead and Phish shows and managed to sell enough to get from show to show. 


I went to my first concert when I was 13.  I saw the Grateful Dead at Pine Knob (now DTE) 6-19-91. It was the most amazing experience of my life at that point.  I already loved the music but had no idea what the scene was like.  I was mesmerized. That’s when it all began.  I started high school later that year feeling like I knew about a secret world and dreaming every minute of how to get back to it.    

I love traveling and learning about this world we live in. Traveling is the best way to source interesting materials. I always bring my work along with me on our travels to trade. I look for inspiration all around and from everyone I meet. Music is definitely a grounding force to this process. I listen to music all day every day and half of my travels have been music related. My husband is a musician (he slaps the bass) and has a lighting/laser company that takes us to festivals and concerts.


I love learning new skills. This applies to everything I do. Creating, farming, parenting, marriage, friendship, work…everything.  

If I am not creating something in my downtime and not seeing live music then I am probably in the water or the woods gaining my inspiration. I’m also an avid reader of various genres most of which involve survival and maintaining humanity under the hardest of circumstances.

Our family is my world. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We have 2 daughters. When times are tight and challenging our children pull us through. They are so hilarious and fun to be with. I am proud to share them with the world and know they will make it a better place for other people too. The girls have some serious skills and a fierce sense of independence. Together we work hard to make what we need.   unnamed-8


favorite quote

Shine on, keep on shining


Selling Venues:


Artist Contact info: Krista Beller

Social Media Links:


Sales happening: Use coupon code GRATEFUL20 for 20% off any item in my shop throughout August.

Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team




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