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Greetings and Salutations Family 


I’m Jen as most of you know me, the ethereal being and creative mind who Founded the Deadhead Art Alliance team. Starter of many fun adventures in creation in this world; I’m Proud to be a glassblower, The female entrepreneur behind PACIFICNWGLASS Deadhead Art Alliance and OceanBeachGlass on Etsy and Founder of the Grand Network of the ETSY TEAMS FELLOWSHIP SOCIETY,  I round this with working as a leader on the Working Artists Unite Team on Etsy and strive to promote and support over 5000 handmade and family artists worldwide. (It is my philanthropy through art.) IMG_1905  In my own glass arts I specialize in items that are eco friendly and are intriguing and useful in a simple and elegant way. I adore things of timeless beauty and heirloom items that can be collected and passed on from generation to generation and hold their value.  My stores content really has been guided buy the wants and requests by the public to make things for them.  I’ve been told that you can see my love of nature through my art, and a love of art through my home in nature.

IMG_9196My stores really are guided buy the wants and requests by the public to make things for them.  I’ve found my home with unique marbles and anything that lets me speak my inspirations, specifically “galaxy marbles” which hold my thoughts of the cosmos. glass stir sticks and swizzle stick sets and eco friendly straws for the home and sculptural glass works for the home office and garden.  My home is in the mountains of northern California where I live off grid till the water of the earth flows and brings me back to good old San Francisco or to the destination of the events that come a callin.  I consider it a forever work in progress, but If and When I am done it will be a sustainable eco friendly green shop which is run to the highest standards of sustainable creation.  I strive for ZERO WASTE and a small carbon footprint.  The raw glass I use is Euro grade glass EU standard is higher in regulations than American made glass making it the most clean and conscious choice for functional glass arts, I only buy colored glass if it is made locally in California and Oregon or Washington on the Pacific NW coast of the USA where I live, and strive for the most earth friendly art that is recyclable, sustainable and good for humans and nature.. I believe every purchase you make or item you create is a vote for what kind of world our children and the next generation will live in.




When I was younger I had some interesting jobs.. I even did mannequin modeling where I’d dress up in the clothes the store sold and they would put me somewhere in the mall and I’d have to stand there for hours like a statue and not move.  It was fun and from there I moved on to doing music videos and modeling in advertisements in magazines.  I even had a retail store Higher Source in Eugene Oregon..   though my main job at that time was blowing glass, selling glass, and doing public relations for the bong company Jerome Baker which was after hours meeting and giving product to our favorite groupies.. musicians and movie stars..  From Praying with Snoop Dog and his family backstage to hanging out with 311, Kottonmouth Kings, Blackalicious, Les Claypool, or laughing myself silly on the floor when one of our boys spelled George Clooney George Klooney.. or sending glass to Drew or Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cups.. it was an adventure.  I began playing with glass in Oregon. First blowing furnace soft glass .. then fusing.. and then hit the trifecta of glassblowing skills when I started flameworking on the torch. I love playing with alchemy with fire, liquid art and mixed mediums, always growing learning and experimenting…  for some people they search for their medium, but in my world the glass found me and took over my entire life.

DSCN2111DSCN2127 DSCN2119





Living is an art, most people take what they get and make the most of it, but if you concentrate on the way you want to live and consciously create your environment grow your skills and respect nature and your body there is more than you ever imagined that is possible.


I come from a family of artists who share our life through love and arts. My grandpa used to pick me up from school and walk me home when i was young, I’d cook sweets daily with my Nana, watching her knit..baking cookies and cakes every day, then wandering out to my Papa’s garage which was his workshop.. It was a grand workshop a 3 car garage full of all of the tools and paint to make a dreamland with.. and he did.  He made trains for the elks parade, and castles for the kids at the library, and toys and was the first person I ever saw Up cycle products into art.  He’d make little toy trains out of soda cans and wood, and paper holders that looked like animals out of old clothespins and wood.  To this day I have many of these things and I cherish them.. and even my dad started doing woodwork because he caught the creative bug from them.





My favorite things I’ve made lately is this blue galaxy marble

It’s over 2 inches which may seem small to some of you, but in the world of melting glass it’s a good size piece of glass to work this way… It takes me many hours to do one like this..and after it is taken me to the extent of my energies abilities for the day  i put it in my old kiln and slowly ramp down the heat from thousands of degrees to cool enough to touch.. I think of it like baking cookies..  you have to wait till they cool down to enjoy them and the bigger they are the longer they take so there is an air of anticipation and excitement for me every time I make something.. Truly you can’t get a real sense of it’s existence till you get to touch it and hold it and play with it…  they have a great feel of weight in your hands.IMG_0097


(~);} ❤  FULL OF GRATITUDE  (~);} ❤

What always gets me through my hard times are all my family friends and music..     “if you get confused.. just listen to the music play”


I started traveling to see music when I was still in high school.  How I ever pulled it off when I’d spend at least 3 days out of the week working trade shows, driving out in the desert to moontribe parties, dead shows and after hours clubs.. I still don’t know, but what I do know, is the education I learned there was just as important to my existence as the schooling I was taking.  In college I was blessed to take a lot of botany and business classes with my art, but Oregon.. Oregon was the place I realized that I wanted to be the change I saw needed in this world., I met Ken Kesey, became a member of the SkyPilot Club with Ken Babbs, and truely appreciated the re-birth of the music.  I’d live for Phil Lesh and Friends shows, Oregon coutry fair and festivals, Rat Dog, DSO, Leftover Salmon, Primus, Other Ones, Warren Hanes, and truly am a deadhead as I’ve given my grateful all for what friends and family I’ve got..My husband and Child share in my music and it’s now a family affair.



Favorite Quote: Art Takes Nature as it’s Model


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your story Jen! Wow! You have done so much. Your work is absolutely stunning and you can see the love you put into your pieces. I am so happy for you moving to the land and loving our Mother Earth as you do to help our future generations. I love that so very much. You are a very special woman and friend and I am so happy our paths crossed. I wish you many blessings on your journey , for you and your beautiful family.

  2. Jen , Thank you for being our fearless leader and Supreme Matriarch!! Thank you so much for sharing!! ❤ ❤

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