Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – January –Selena Gribbin Barefoot – Store – aRecurringDream

Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – January –Selena Gribbin Barefoot – Store – aRecurringDream



Selena Photo Credit: Ashley Gribbin

Hello! My name is Selena and my shop is ‘a recurring dream‘. I am

a stay at home mom living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with my husband and our

two children.


My shop takes materials that are unwanted from my local

community and I have been making quality home goods and accessories,

and started adding clothing this year.


As a young woman, I had sewn patchwork dresses, skirts, bags, purses,

etc for many years that I would vend at local concert lots and festivals.


In my mid 20’s I wanted to move to the city and started working for a

young restaurant group. I grew into adulthood along side an innovative

and maturing local restaurant group that emphasized the importance of

farm to table food, craft beer and spirits, and embracing and utilizing

the individuality of each of its employees to its advantage. I spent a

decade managing restaurants for them.  The demanding schedule did

not afford me much time for sewing and once I started a family, I realized

the schedule did not allow much time for them either.


So I said good-bye

to my home away from home and a couple of months later dusted off my

sewing machine and picked up a gig doing piece work for a local clothing

company to make money for Christmas. I slowly began finding and

unpacking my sewing items and making space for them in my home. Then

I started making gifts for people and trying to come up with ideas of items

to make with materials I had on hand, or could source inexpensively, and I

found myself building a small inventory of items.


A new street fair started

that year and they were looking for vendors. I had just enough inventory

to send photos of my work along with the application and I was accepted

to vend the street fair, and started sewing A LOT in order to have enough

items to fill my vending spot!


Vending regularly was not reasonable for me with my kids in tow, and I had

researched Etsy shops for months before opening my shop.  Once I started

I felt so lost!  I had zero experience with internet sales.  I tried finding teams

for support with little luck in the beginning, then,…. One of the articles in the Sellers Handbook

suggested using an interest as your search keyword when trying to find

a team.  I searched “patchwork” and that is how I found the DHAA and I

was thrilled!

This team has been such a source of knowledge and support

for me and has truly been a comforting support that has kept me on Etsy.


I also never would have guessed that there would have been an online

market for patchwork clothes, but maybe that is just me showing my age.

I work mainly with up-cycled clothing and de-stash items that I collect from my

community. I have an overwhelmingly diverse stash of fabric, and it can

make it hard for me to focus on one project for a very long time.


When I

get a new idea, I have no problem abandoning a project in progress to start

on a new item. I always have a collection of items in progress…sometimes

I go back and finish them, and sometimes I take them apart to use the

materials for something else. I rarely feel committed to finishing a project I

am no longer enjoying. I find inspiration from so many places in the world

around me. It sometimes surprises even me the things I will suddenly

decide need to be made next!


I grew up with a very crafty mama who loved to sew and craft with

whatever materials we had on hand. She always encouraged us to try

new things and was never afraid of us getting dirty or making a mess. It

was a wonderful way to grow up. I was never allowed to use her machine,

but when I was a teenager and started showing interest, she was quick to

find me a hand me down machine to call my own.


I taught myself how to

sew and quickly burned through a string of hand me down machines.  In

the height of my young adult sewing days my parents helped me purchase

a refurbished metal Singer machine.  I was always concerned about the

quality of my items and the following year my parents gifted me a serger.

Their support meant the world to me and I still sew on the same machines

today.  What a great investment they turned out to be…when I think of what

I have made on them it is almost unreal to me that they are still keeping up

with me!


Making patchwork was a natural fit for me. When I started sewing, I

made a basic dress pattern and made a couple of simple a line dresses from

lightweight vintage curtains I had found at Goodwill. My friends mother

gave me a box full of scraps she had collected over her years of sewing,

and I decided to make a pattern for a patchwork dress for myself. As a

child I had often been mesmerized with Holly Hobbie’s beautiful apron,

and wanted a dress that was a grown up version of that amazing childhood

image. After some drafting and a lot of math…I did it! I couldn’t believe

that I had actually made it! It is still my favorite item I have ever made.

I made well over 50 dresses from this pattern and never upgraded my

personal dress from that original, and I look forward to handing it down to

my girls. I have always been so proud of it, and I am hoping to revive the

pattern this Spring.


My children are the most amazing force to have ever touched my life. I

am a very active parent, and enjoy my time with them immensely. I am

also committed to my community, and spend time volunteering at my

children’s schools, helping with coat and food drives, and volunteering at

our community garden.


Our community garden is one of my favorite places

to be!  In addition to our own plots, my husband, children and I spend a

lot of time helping to tend the common grounds, and tending the donation

garden. All of the harvest from the donation garden benefits our neighbors

through our local food pantry.


My family and I also love taking advantage

of all of wonderful things Pittsburgh has to offer. Pittsburgh is a beautiful

and exciting city, and we particularly love our time spent at the Carnegie

Museums and all of the surrounding State Parks. The woods are truly my

home. I like to be busy and active, and I am never at a loss for things to do

in my area.


I always loved vending at festivals and shows, and I was excited when I

started vending at the Artisan Market in the Strip District neighborhood of

Pittsburgh this year. I love people, and love getting to talk to people about

my work. I find having an internet shop to be so isolating, and it is always

nice to come face to face with someone who truly appreciated what you are



Music has always held an important role in my life. My father is very

passionate about music and ensured it was part of our daily lives. He took

me to my first concerts, and to many more later in life. The concert that left

the biggest impression was attended when I was about maybe 12 years

old. It was a music festival at Camp Lejeune Naval Base during Operation

Desert Storm. The energy in the crowd was unlike anything I had ever

experienced. I remember that Chicago was the headliner and that Sinbad

was the MC for the event. It was my first experience seeing how music

could bring people together and give them hope, joy and a strong sense of

togetherness.  When I first moved to the city in my early 20’s, there was an amazing

theater that had live music almost every night. I went there just about

every evening, I didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. Some night

they had national acts, sometimes they would even have high school kids

who raised enough money to rent the theater to play for their friends and

family, and everything in between.  Often times the younger bands playing

were my favorite nights. They always played with a passion that I truly



My favorite quote is by an author named Richard Bach from No Such Place

as Far Away.

“Not being known doesn’t stop the truth from being true.”

                                                                      Richard Bach

This resonates deeply with me. It is a simple statement of truth that I feel is

too often overlooked.

This past year I have had opportunities to do so many things that I never

would have imagined. I have made my first full size quilts, I have started

making bereavement items to console the families who have lost love ones,

and have written my first tutorial to be published in a national magazine this

Spring. It has been such a whirlwind and I am looking forward to what lies


Selena: A Recurring Dream Vending  by John Colombo Photography

Selena: A Recurring Dream Vending by John Colombo Photography

“Many thanks to all of you who have supported me on this journey”  Selena

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Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team


Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – December – Julie Burkett – Store – Baked Alaskan Designs


dhaajuliebannerWho am I?   Julie  ( not at all tempted to use sarcasm)  Burkett.


I’m a free form and traditional style bead artist whose life and home is the

Goldstream Valley in the heart of the Interior of Alaska.

I am a wife,

mother of 6 and co­-owner / creator at Baked Alaskan Designs on

Etsy.  I am an active member of the Deadhead Art Alliance team and a leader on the

Working Artists Promotion team on Etsy.  I create Grateful Dead inspired Steal Your Face barrettes

and keychains as well as intricately beaded mandala hair barrettes and

other accessories out of very small beads.


My shops philosophy…

I can’t make you think,

but I can craft things that allow you to feel beauty and

that which lies within.


dhaajulie10My creative process usually begins with a color palette that strikes my fancy,

for instance I’ve made 3 barrettes based on a color scheme I saw on

PBSKids Wild Kratts, then maybe a focal –

with a Rubbermaid tub holding my supplies.


I sit on a stool right next to the

stove, across from Phil­ next to the dining area which is in our

bedroom/living room-  (laughing out loud).


Complete the workspace experience with running

boys chasing each other and a crazy white dog around the house in circles

to the endless scarlet>fire…


For most of 27 years I’ve had the privilege to stay at home with the kids, our

oldest being 27 and our youngest child Trey who is 6, who blessed to us on my

44th birthday.   I have been an industrial seamstress for a high end outdoor

clothing maker, a ballet and modern dancer, a cultivator and manicurist of

plants as well as a few labor positions

(including actual labor along the years.)


I moved from my home state of Rhode Island to Southern Humboldt,

CA in 1983.

From one hippie shack in the woods to another 😉 One year

during a Reggae on the River I became friends with a Native American guy

named Kingfisher, who was an awesome accomplished bead worker that taught

me peyote stitch and other beading techniques. Though it really wasn’t until I

saw Acsha Gellmans’s work at a So Hum festival that I really fell in love with

beading and a good obsession began . Her work blended colors and

patterns so beautifully all I wanted to do was hit the bead store and turn

them into creations. I am happy to say many of those 20+ year old barrettes

still adorn some lovely heads to this day.

dhaajulie14My mom sent me to all kinds of art and crafts classes when I was young. I

was so lucky to have had such a diverse and cool intro into the art world. My

mother is super crafty and She and my Aunt had a thing going where they

made cool little mushroom thingies, macramé, and ceramics too.  My

Grandma sewed and did other needle crafts; so I tried them all…especially

loving embroidery, sewing and crochet.  During junior high I really got into

paper cutting and collage. I still collage occasionally, turning tiny paper

diamonds into 3­D cubes are my thing. There’s always modge podge to be

found somewhere in my house.

dhaajulie2I just sold a real favorite­ the Rainbow Fish Wheel (totally a play on the song and

fishing device) was an homage to a close friend that recently left the planet.

dhaajulie1What inspires me most to create is

the beads themselves, their shapes, but it’s mostly their colors.  Quite often

while I’m working on a piece I’ll take off my glasses,  it’s then when my vision

is really blurry I really see things…the beads talk to me often showing me

where to go. No true pattern…

What makes my job interesting for me is that

I am pretty much a hermit.  I make the trip to town about once every 3

months- and where in the past small fortunes would be spent on festival going, nowadays. No.

I’m not gonna lie though… a journey to the bead store, to vend or just a day trip to JoAnn’s fabrics is a definite get out of my

house worthy action I’m always up for.


I’ve really enjoyed working with and

meeting people online through my teams and Facebook groups. I’ve seen such

amazing work and artists through this and my other team.

I am a lover of Etsy, it has made things possible and really simple with all its innovative

uses of technology. I can sell to someone on the street with card or cash or

right off an app on my phone out of my shop… all the way from ALASKA.

How cool is that?!

dhaajulie13When things are tight My best friend and husband Phil, and our kids get me through the Hard times.

This, as well as my general life outlook that

everything works out, my 420 lifestyle and being a crazy optimist. Oh yeah; and lets not to forget

to thank the internet for letting us stream the Dead 24/7/365


That’s a life saver!


Beading is so meditative, I can bead to relax-­ zone out. We raise our kids, take

care of our dogs and chickens and Phil has made us a beautiful yard and garden.

Basically my amazing man puts on the show of the day off of when we

awake and plays music continually till we take our sleep. There are speakers

outside so the dogs, chickens and neighbors can tune in too! I am also currently

addicted to watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix while I bead, on my tablet.

dhaajulie12When I was in grade school, my mom belonged to the Columbia House Record

Club. The albums would come in the mail. Once a month the day after they

arrived, I would fake sick and stay home alone (both parents worked) and blast the

likes of Janis, Led Zepplin and Jethro Tull. I remember opening the Thick As a

Brick album, its newspaper format and being like this is so cool. Then I played it

and was totally blown away…must have been 4th grade. As a teen in the 70’s and

80’s my Dad had a job the afforded me free tickets to the Providence Civic Center,

I saw just about everyone during that time. The No Nukes concert at Brown

University was a particular memory maker, first time I saw Bonnie Raitt. She was


When asked Is there something about you as an artist that you would like the world to

know she says this: “To me all colors match”  –

I can’t relate to a “it doesn’t go together” attitude in my

reality and In fact if you tell me so it will probably become a personal challenge to turn

the flow.


 In the near future, I have a personal vow with myself not to buy shoes until I make my own.  I got on Craigslist recently an got an old Singer cobbler machine sew hopefully for the people I live with, my shoes and maybe some bags and stuff might be coming.  In the long term, I just want to continue to create.  Of course, people buying my work is a huge bonus.  I’d like other people to know that Sharing is caring.

I believe in spreading the love and promoting other artists in any way I can help, and that and my trading/bartering philosophy is one of the best things for overall existence. There’s nothing cooler than trading firewood for bead work.

I really want to thank Captain Jen, the leaders and fellow Deadhead Art Alliance teammates. This really means the world to me. For reals!

favorite quote
“we are everywhere”

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Struggling Comfortably,

Stay weird…

Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team

Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – November – Ivy Starshine – Store – Starshine Beads


I’m Ivy and I’m located in beautiful, sunny Mesa, Arizona! My shops are Starshine Beads and Southwest Soaps!

dhaaIvy and Marvin on the couch

I create one of a kind handmade jewelry from semi-precious stones, crystals and metals in one store and I create vegan, detergent free, sodium laurel sulfate free handmade soaps. The philosophy for both of my shops is to create high quality handmade items at the lowest price for my customers and I’m proud to say I belong to the Deadhead Art Alliance as well as the Working Artists Promotion Team.



My creative process always starts with inspiration, usually from the stones themselves, either a beautiful focal bead or pendant or the beads themselves.  I’m a Graduate Gemologist and Jeweler for over thirty five years and my first loves are stones and designing, so it’s usually some really unique stones or focal beads or pendants that set my imagination going.  I make all my pieces here at my home by hand.  Each bead is selected individually to create exactly the look I want.


I’ve been a rockhound ever since I can remember….picking up stones and rocks and saving them since I was a little girl, so I guess I had a natural affinity for them. I began beading at the age of eleven and by twelve years old I had procured myself a booth at the Yonkers (NY) Raceway Flea Market every week and was selling on my own at twelve years old.  Beading was always my first love and I continued to make jewelry and do bead work through school. When I was in college I used one particular supplier, a Japanese pearl importer in NY and she came to know me from being her customer and one day she asked me to come work for her so I did.  I obtained some great education from her in Japanese pearls and silk stringing and knotting techniques, as well as becoming her buyer.  As her buyer I would take buying trips into New York City  (I lived about fifteen minutes outside of the city at the time)  to some of the largest pearl and bead import houses in the world. I was like a little kid in a candy store!

dhaaivyOptivisor Me-1

Working with that Japanese pearl importer I also was lucky enough to work some of the largest gem and jewelry shows in the world at the Javitz Center in NYC.

I worked my way through college (I have a B.S. In English) with my jewelry and after college I decided to take the turn into the jewelry field as a career.  I went to the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) in NYC and graduated with a G.G. (Graduate Gemology) degree and also as a diamontologist  (Diamontology is a branch of gemology that deals specifically with diamonds)  While I was in school at the G.I.A. I also apprenticed with a silver and goldsmith in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY.  She became a wonderful friend and a terrific teacher who I’m grateful for to this day. I also signed up for some classes in Lapidary work at the Westchester Art Workshop, but I discovered that lapidary work wasn’t really my thing. I moved on to work for two different jewelers in Scarsdale, NY, both high end designers of fine jewelry, where I worked in design and repair, as well as sales.

As time went on, I was offered a job with Sterling Inc, owner of Kay Jewelers, Jared, Whitehall and a few others, and I worked with Sterling Inc for a number of years. I was their top seller in the United States one year and won an award (and some great jewelry!) and from there I headed up their Estate Division, which I was thrilled about, as I love Estate Jewelry.
I decided to move from NY to Arizona after a few years and was offered to transfer with Sterling Inc, but I wanted to see what Arizona had to offer me, so I declined.  I did find a job managing a designer fine jewelry store in Scottsdale, Arizona called Scott Allen Jewelers and worked for them and helped them start up their manufacturing company as well.
Then at one point I became burned out on the jewelry industry…I had gotten away from what I really loved….creating the jewelry; and I had ended up in the sales and management end of it (that’s where the money was) and so I felt unhappy and decided to take a break from jewelry for a few years.
Now I’m disabled and unable to work in the workplace these days, so now I simply do my bead work at home, back to doing what I love.


Now What inspires me most to create are the stones and beads themselves and What makes my job interesting is finding unusual stones or beads, it’s like going on a treasure hunt. I also love doing custom orders, it’s fun to take what’s in someone else’s mind and create it for them to make them something they love.  When times get hard My dogs get me through everything! I love my two rescue dogs, they’re my joy. When sales are tight, I keep my hope that things will get better and Of course, my wonderful friends always keep me going too!  In my down time I love to spend time with my best friend, my dogs, taking short road trips, I love to read, be out in the desert, listen to lots of music!  I have many stories about music shows but I’m afraid they’d be too long to tell here, but Grateful Dead shows were always an event.


Favorite Quote:

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” – Mae West



We’ll leave you with this…..     When asked Is there something as an artist that you would like the world to know?
  she says this

“Be kind to each other, always.”

Ivy Starshine

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Sales happening: I’m having a huge 25% off sale at Starshine Beads through December 23rd and 10% off at Southwest Soaps with coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS10 at checkout, through December 23.

Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team

Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – October – Amanda Johnson– Store – TyeDyeBills



I am the creator of Tye Dye Bills, my name is Amanda Johnson


I make most of the tie dyes, tapestries and bed sheet sets (nature inspired are my favorite) and do the portrait drawings, as well as hand make the other grateful gear.


My team consists of myself and my husband who occasionally makes tie dyes (he has a very groovy style), rinses my bins and is sole owner and namesake of our shop name (tye dye bill was a name given to him during his on the road days), and my children who are the reason I create and sell on Etsy.

Tie dye is our passion.  Our Creations are brought to life through parenthood, love of all things tie dye and the Grateful Family we have come to know and love after all these years.  We love sharing our art, love and soul with others.

Each item contains a moment of our lives, a piece of our hearts, part of our souls. When
you purchase our creations, you are buying moments of frustration and days, weeks,
years of pure joy.  You are not just buying things, but rather creating more time for us to make things we are passionate about.

The creative process happens in our home studio. All tie dyes are folded, tied and dyed
by hand. Tapestries are hand cut from quality medium weight, tightly woven, cotton fabric
and double stitched before folding and dyeing. We use only quality 100% cotton and fiber
reactive dyes. Dyes used are professional grade that creates a marriage between the
dye and cotton fibers during the tie dye process. All items are pre-­washed, rinsed after
dyeing, washed with a professional textile detergent to ensure dyes are bonded and
excess dyes are removed, then washed again. Items are dried in the sunshine on the line
when weather permits or fluffed in the dryer.

Everything is handmade with love, created in a smoke free and cat friendly home.


I’ve created art for as long as I can remember.  Art teachers were pivotal in my
development as an artist.  The first tie dye I made was at summer camp when I was 8
years old.  I’ve loved tie dye for a very long time.  My kids were the driving force behind
starting my own business.  I quit my job as the manager of a small, family owned
business to start my own family.  I knew I would stay home to raise my children, the extra
income from selling tie dyes and more recently my drawings, helps support our family.  It
has proven to be challenging to find a suitable balance for my family, finding time to work
and create things I am passionate about and still take care of my home.  I created a little
play space for my children in my studio, complete with toys, an easel and desk for them to
make their own masterpieces while I work. They love being in my art space and
eventually they will help out with our business too!
I remember watching my Nan crochet blankets when I was little and my Grandma do
needlepoint.  While I never got into either craft, I remember seeing my Nan’s painted
ceramics around the house and my own first interest was probably painting because of

Drawings by Amanda credit:

My favorite piece I have ever made is the drawing named A Penny for Your Thoughts. It is A
drawing of my dear friend Houd (short for Houdini, his nickname) who died in March
2013.  A beautiful soul.  Our shop will be seeing more portraits in the future, I am very
excited about this and have been approached about orders already!What inspires me most to create is Parenthood, the love of all things tie dye and the Grateful Family we have come to know and


after all these years has inspired us the most. My portrait drawings are pure
inspiration from the beautiful souls that once walked our earth. I believe our loved ones
deserve to be honored and not forgotten and my portrait drawings do just that.


I love working with color and really enjoy making tie dye I love. Craft shows and festivals
are also a favorite part of business. Being on the scene and selling things I love to make
while having a great time and meeting great people! The same goes for drawing portraits
of our dear loved ones, uncovering their story, discovering what made them special and
the impact they made on this earth before they left.


A sale always comes through when we need it most. I am a stay at home mama so every
penny counts. Believing in ourselves and that our talents will get us through seems to do
the trick! We keep our friends close and our little family closer when times are tough.
Someone has always got our back. We’d like to believe God and our Universe is in
control of everything and we are just tiny specks. We listen to the still, small voice and
have faith.


During what spare time we have we love to camp and be outdoors. Spending time with
friends while enjoying nature is our favorite. Frequenting music festivals is another fond
past time. As our kids get older it will allow for more fun music festivals to explore
together. We can always find inspiration in our little family to keep on keepin’ on.


The first epic music festival that changed my life was Grateful Fest at Nelsons Ledges. I
had not previously been to such a large festival, it had a wonderful lineup of musicians
and wonderful crowd of people amidst the beauty of the forest. It was truly a break
through for me. I can’t wait to experience that particular festival again someday.


Tell the world Amanda,  Is there something about you as an artist or is there something that you would like the world to know?

“Forget about all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in the reason why it will!  My

mantra for myself when I make something or have an idea that I think no one will want or

love. If you believe in it, someone else will too.”

                                                                                                     Amanda Johnson


We are Super excited about the future of our shop!  As our children grow and can help more with
the shop we will be offering more tapestries and bed sheet sets.  I will also be expanding
my portrait drawing and taking custom orders.  Someday we hope to open a brick and
mortar shop, which is a ways off.  We believe in living our dreams, its the only way to
make them come true.

favorite quote

“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too.”     ­

Author Unknown

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Artist Contact info: Amanda Johnson ­

Social Media Links:

Sales happening: Black Friday Sale upcoming and flash sales are announced on our

facebook page from time to time.

Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team

Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – September – Andee Shymama Gagliano– Store – ShysNoKnots


I am andee, also known as shymama, shy for short.  My shop’s name is shy’s No Knots (it’s a play on words) and I am currently living in Hazelwood, MO, which is in North County (NoCo), St Louis. (I am from Glasgow Village, a little known spot of North County in the Riverview School District.)  I am the only artisan at my shop, and I craft jewelry with glass and gemstone beads.  My boyfriend, Catfish, helps out with PR and advertising my work.  He loves wearing my jewelry and will wear different things at any given time to help with promotions.

What is my creative process? – hit the breaks!  Wait, there is a such thing as a “process?” LOL. I’m not sure if I can call any of what I do a legit “process.” A lot of times I will see something with nice colours and think, “oh that’d be a nice colour scheme for a bracelet/necklace/etc.” Sometimes, I will be playing around with my gemstones, and get an idea for a pattern. Other times, I will envision different things in my head, then draw a simple design on paper, and work from a template like that.

Cool Transition : Green Blue Purple Net Stitch Collar Necklace Opaque Seed Bead with Oily Rainbow Finish

I work wherever I feel like chillin’ at that day.  Disorganized, I know.  I do have several cases of beads that I keep very organized; I just like to be able to take my actual work from one room to another, and if the weather is nice, then outdoors, too.  I use mostly glass beads; glass seed beads, pressed glass, and gemstone, mainly. I like the weight of glass, the sparkle, shimmer, and shine. Same for the gemstones. I typically don’t use clasps; the strings are woven tightly into the design, looped strategically through certain end beads to help cinch everything into place. I discovered a super-strong string called “Dandyline” several years ago, and have stuck with that for all of my woven, and some of my strung designs. For bracelets and anklets, I used string called “Stretch Magic.” It’s really strong stretchy string that rarely breaks.
I don’t have a day job, per se, however I am a full time mom and full time student. I have a knack for jewelry design and creation, so I figured might as well put my talent to good use, and perhaps make a few bucks on the side. I have 3 kids, a boy and two girls, ages 13, 11, and 8.  They are named Aspen (like the quaking Aspen trees), Amethyst (like the gemstone), and Althea (like the genus of flowering shrub.)
I am currently studying American Sign Language at St Louis Community College (the Flo valley Campus, in North County) one of two in this area that offer this degree program (the other one, SWIC, is about 30 – 45 miles away on the Illinois Side; the other one in Missouri is about 3 hours away from here); my goal is to become an interpreter. I recently received my Certificate of Specialization (CS) in DCS (Deaf Communication Studies), ASL; I have 2 years left in the program (it’s a “one plus 2 year” program.) My dream is to become a “performance interpreter,” signing for music shows, plays, and musicals. (Fun Fact: my ASL Semantics instructor “terped” for Bob Weir and Rat Dog when they came through St Louis last spring, 2014.)

Uncle John’s Band Interpreted by Sign Language

There isn’t anything I can particularly pinpoint as far inspiring me in my youth, but I do remember when I was about 11 years old, in 6th grade, I asked for beads and string for Christmas. I had recently been at a friend’s house and saw a loom with seed beads on it, and thought, “hm, I might like trying that.” (Although I didn’t try a loom until I was in my early 20’s.) Beading was something I went back and forth to; I would be really into to it for a few months, then get bored and work on model cars.
When I was in my early 20’s, shortly after my son was born, I thought it’d be worth getting some supplies and messing around with learning new things.  After my middle daughter was born, I put (what seemed like at the time) a lot of money into high grade beads, not purchased from a craft store chain, but from an actual bead supplier.
I took a trip to my ex husband’s hometown of Eugene, OR, and while visiting some of the shops, It was suggested that I stop in at a large beading supply retailer.  I forget the name of the store, but I’m pretty sure it was in either Bend, or Grant’s Pass. (Those were two cities I remember visiting. We also were in Corvallis, but I know it wasn’t there.) I bought some amazing beads and later learned to make stitched designs.  After a few years of off and on work, I finally opened a shop on and here I am now.
My boyfriend and I just recently vended for my very first time ever this previous spring at MoRoots Music Festival. It was the first time for this new festie, which made it even more fun for my virgin-vending experience. That happened the weekend of April 25-26.

I think right now my favorite piece in my store is the Rosemary’s Garden Inspired collar necklace. It’s one of the leaf stitch pieces that I like to do, but probably my best one, yet. The colours are beautifully contrasting, and it’s my first collar that I incorporated with gemstone beads. Here is the link for it:
What inspires me?  Well, music, of course. I listen to an array of genres, and I listen to many different things as I am creating. I get ideas for colour schemes from nature, usually. I will see a flower or a sunset, or geodes or rock formations, and I will think about how pretty those colours would be in a bracelet or necklace. Sometimes, I just pull out my gemstone beads and “play” with them by swirling my finger through them, or letting handfuls drop through my fingers, and decide what to make based on my intuition.

What makes my job interesting is that I love seeing the many colours and types of beads and gemstones. This year was my first time vending at a festival (MoRoots Music Festival in Missouri; it’s brand new and it was its first year.); I know that future festivals will be really fun and super interesting. It’s definitely much different from being a regular festie goer.
I have very little down time with 3 kids and being a full time ASL major, there isn’t much of that. I do like to go to music shows when I can. I like nature and hiking and walking and all of that. Video games, if I had more time for them (I love me some RPGs); I pretty much study and practice ASL when I have free time. I like to sign to the music.

I have so many favourite quotes it’s really hard to choose one, so I’m gonna go with a good passage from the Bible.  It’s positive and uplifting, and jus’ kinda beautiful to me. Hippie-ness.
Isaiah 55:6-13
6 Seek the Lord while he may be found;
    call on him while he is near.
7 Let the wicked forsake their ways
    and the unrighteous their thoughts.
Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,
    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.
8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.
10 As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
12 You will go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
    will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
    will clap their hands.
13 Instead of the thorn bush will grow the juniper,
    and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.
 This will be for the Lord’s renown,
    for an everlasting sign,
    that will endure forever.”

Hooo. There are so many good music memories…well, I love love love Madahoochi. I groupie’d out on them and “made friends” with the band. It’s super neat-oh to be greeted by first name and with a grin and a hug from the band mates when I see them. The first time I met one of the band mates was at Schwagstock; my ex-boyfriend, Matt, and I were walking down the road in the early afternoon, shortly after waking up. We had missed Madahoochi playing the night before (would have been my first time seeing them live) and I was kinda bummed out about it. A dude sitting on the side of the dirt road in front of a parked car said hello to us. We said hi back and Matt asked, “do you think Madahoochi is gonna be playing anymore?” and the dude said, “no, they pretty much spent their load…” (Note that he said, “They.”) He asked, “You didn’t get to see them?” (Note he said, “Them.”) Matt answered with some negation like, “nuh-uh,” or something of the sort.
I stamped my foot, I literally stamped my foot and said, “Yeah, um, they were supposed to play dawn and they didn’t!”
We walked away after a bit of chatting and me making a fool of myself; Matt decided then was a good time to tell me that it was the drummer of Madahoochi. I was like, “Take me back to meet him!” He laughed and said how could he take me back to meet him after we’d already talked for 20 minutes. I told him I didn’t know, but who cares.
We went back to “meet” him, even though I already had a conversation with him. He found this amusing; it was the story I told him when I finally did get to see them play; I asked, “do you remember from Schwagstock?” and he looked at funny like, um, yeah, be more specific. I said, “Let me tell you how we met!” and told him that story. The look of recognition and a smile-holding-back-a-chuckle was pretty amusing to watch….I just; went to 2 shows of theirs over the weekend (Sept 12 and 13) and I asked for a set list and the let me grab one off the stage. I still jump with joy on the inside when they say hi with hugs to me, like a total groupie. 😀

I hope to go to more festivals next season, and further on after that. It would be really cool to have my name out there and be “underground famous” like a few artists, hoop/poi dancers, crafters, musicians, etc. around this area of the country; while I’m being out there vending, I would like to advocate for Deaf Culture and ASL. A lot of festie heads seemed interested in sign language when I talk about it, which is frequently. It’s my passion, and even more so now that I know there is a market for performance interpreting.

Selling Venues and contact info.

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Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – AUGUST – Krista Gordon Beller – Store – Krista Beller Designs




My name is Krista Beller. I live in Michigan and my Shop is Krista Beller Designs. I kept my

shop name broad because I make many forms of accessories and clothing. I focus on

many crafts including jewelry – gemstones and wire work, beadwork, kumihimo, micro­macrame, Precious

Metal Clay, resin, poly clay, ceramics, fused glass, and lampwork beads.

I also crochet, sew, and knit.


I create whenever and wherever I can. I take projects with me everywhere so I can

keep the flow going and finish. Unfinished projects call to me then start to feel like

working.   I have a workspace set up in my home now but am working toward a

larger space that can house all my tools and equipment including my torches and



I have created art in some form for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mom was super crafty and encouraged me to be crafty too. My sister and I were highland dancers as children and my mom made all of our costumes for competition. I always admired her ability to make whatever we needed. She taught me how to sew and inspired me to learn many crafts. 




We had an amazing art department at school where I learned to work with metals, ceramics, and focus on my drawing and painting. In my core classes I mainly worked on macramé and beading projects under my desk or hidden behind a book. I went to college for Fine Arts and found, to my surprise, that Economics and Accounting were second nature to me. 


I This leads me to my day job. I am a Financial Manager for a non-profit. Other than the schedule, the job is satisfying and allows me the stability to spend time with my family, go on trips and go to shows.

Of course the other half of my brain likes to plan projects while I’m working.





I also live on a small homestead where we grow organic food, raise chickens and dairy goats, and make cheese. I blend my own organic teas and tinctures as well. 


The first memory that comes to mind from childhood is digging in the dirt with my mom. She had an amazing garden.

Growing your own food really is like printing your own money.

Self determination, getting dirty and working hard for what you want is a satisfying lesson I learned early in life.  





Back in high school I made the best peyote stitch necklace with a beaded lace wrap around it that held the most beautiful crystal I have ever seen. I wore it every day for years. I had to sell it to get through tour one year.




I have made some heady pieces since. The blue and turquoise Cellini spiral in my picture is my new favorite.

I finished it with sterling silver and turquoise.

Turquoise is my favorite stone and happens to be my birthstone. 


Before my first show, I made clothes and jewelry for friends then I started selling a lot of dresses, pants, tops, and jewelry at Grateful Dead and Phish shows and managed to sell enough to get from show to show. 


I went to my first concert when I was 13.  I saw the Grateful Dead at Pine Knob (now DTE) 6-19-91. It was the most amazing experience of my life at that point.  I already loved the music but had no idea what the scene was like.  I was mesmerized. That’s when it all began.  I started high school later that year feeling like I knew about a secret world and dreaming every minute of how to get back to it.    

I love traveling and learning about this world we live in. Traveling is the best way to source interesting materials. I always bring my work along with me on our travels to trade. I look for inspiration all around and from everyone I meet. Music is definitely a grounding force to this process. I listen to music all day every day and half of my travels have been music related. My husband is a musician (he slaps the bass) and has a lighting/laser company that takes us to festivals and concerts.


I love learning new skills. This applies to everything I do. Creating, farming, parenting, marriage, friendship, work…everything.  

If I am not creating something in my downtime and not seeing live music then I am probably in the water or the woods gaining my inspiration. I’m also an avid reader of various genres most of which involve survival and maintaining humanity under the hardest of circumstances.

Our family is my world. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We have 2 daughters. When times are tight and challenging our children pull us through. They are so hilarious and fun to be with. I am proud to share them with the world and know they will make it a better place for other people too. The girls have some serious skills and a fierce sense of independence. Together we work hard to make what we need.   unnamed-8


favorite quote

Shine on, keep on shining


Selling Venues:


Artist Contact info: Krista Beller

Social Media Links:


Sales happening: Use coupon code GRATEFUL20 for 20% off any item in my shop throughout August.

Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team



Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – July 2014 – Julie Tribble Store – Stella Blue Handmade





Hi! My name is Julie Tribble, and my shop is called Stella Blue Handmade.  I am currently living in Catonsville, MD, a historic little town just outside of Baltimore.  I love to create a lot of different things, but right now my shop mostly contains handmade beaded jewelry and crochet accessories.  It started with making jewelry for fun and for myself because I could never find anything that was exactly what I wanted, and eventually I had amassed a big enough collection that I knew I could never wear them all!  When I started selling my creations, it was so exciting to find that other people loved what I was doing too.  I would say my purpose for Stella Blue is to create unique wearable pieces of art that reflect my love of nature, music, color, and the earth.



My creative process usually first involves turning on some music, sitting in my craft room, and staring at my pretty massive bead collection until a certain bead or color grabs my attention.  Then I choose a few more beads that compliment the first, and come up with a basic plan in my head.  From there on out I just improvise with different patterns until I find one I like, and kind of just go with it.  Sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly like I had in my head, but that’s ok.  I like seeing how the different shapes, colors, and textures of the beads all come together in the final piece.


My bead collection is a mixture of new and recycled beads.  Some of my beads are bought from wholesalers or at retail stores, but a lot are from old pieces of jewelry that were broken or weren’t being worn anymore.  I deconstruct the jewelry and add the beads to the collection, then I can create new one-of-a-kind pieces.  I love recycling and giving new life to old treasures.

The crocheting started a few years ago, and has been my recent obsession.  I took a class at Lion Brand Yarn Studio and just kept teaching myself from there.  My favorite things to crochet are hats, long infinity scarves, and fingerless gloves.   I even made my boyfriend a beard this past winter.  Pretty much everything I crochet ends ups being from my own pattern or variation of a pattern.  I also like to check out new stitches and patterns in books or online to get different ideas.  Lion Brand has a TON of free patterns and even illustrations and videos of stitches on their website, so I find myself turning there if I run into something I don’t know how to do.  It’s been a fun process, and I am constantly learning more.


All throughout my childhood I took various art classes; my favorites were  drawing, painting, and photography.  I studied interior design at Parson’s in New York City, and ended up living there for just over 6 years.  I was very inspired by the city and the people I met there, despite the fact that I always craved the solitude of the woods and the beauty of nature.  I worked at the coolest coffee shop in the East Village, and was surrounded by so many amazing artists and musicians.  I was creating more than ever, and it was then that I decided to start Stella Blue Handmade to sell my crafts.  I opened the Etsy shop, and started booking some local craft shows.  I have pretty much always had a day job (but they’ve all actually been pretty cool), so the crafting is something I do in my spare time.  I figure it’s something I’m going to do anyway because I love it, so it gets as much or as little time as I’m able to give at that point.  Currently I am working my first 9-5 job (ever!) but it’s kinda nice because I can spend some evenings making things, and I’m able to book local craft shows on the weekends.


For as long as I can remember, my mother was always teaching and encouraging my sister and I to make things, so I’m sure that’s where my passion comes from.  As a kid I loved drawing, painting, sewing, woodworking, redesigning my bedroom, making jewelry, collages, candles, and so much more.  I think the first time someone else’s handiwork really stood out to me as a child was seeing all the amazing things my Grandmother made. She could sew, knit, crochet, and quilt better than anyone I’ve ever seen, and I will never understand how she made the intricate designs and perfect stitches.  I now have her collection of fabric and sewing supplies, and sometimes the mood will strike me and I’ll sew something up.  I like using all her old supplies, and my mother’s too.  They’ve both passed away and when I think of them as I’m making things I feel like I’m continuing a tradition, and a part of them is there with me.


I would say my favorite piece in the shop right now is a long pendant necklace in green and black with vintage metal beads.  The large pendant used to be an earring, and the metal beads are from a very old necklace that a friend gave me.  I mixed those with a strand of seed beads, and bright green accent beads.  I love that these random parts all come together to create a new, unique piece and can’t be duplicated.


Some of my other favorite pieces I’ve recently made are probably the collaboration pieces with fellow Deadhead Art Alliance members.  Our Cap’n Jen made a few glass pendants (one glows in the dark!) and shipped them across the country to me.  I then worked them into one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces and shipped them back to her to be sold in our team Etsy store.  I also love that I didn’t completely slack off on contributing to our team collaboration quilt.  I think I made the square like 2 days before I needed to mail it to meet the deadline.  But I’m so glad I did because when I saw all these little random pieces of art come together as a finished quilt, I was SO proud to have been a part of it.  It’s so awesome to see your work combine with others to create something more than you thought it could be.


I find I draw inspiration from a lot of different places.  Nature is a big one; I feel refreshed and more creative after I spend some time in nature.  I love seeing different color combinations, or different materials interacting, and the feeling of peace I get just being in the woods or at the ocean.  I am also definitely inspired by music and music festivals.  I go to at least one big camp-out music festival every summer, and as many local shows as I can get to, and after each one I find a new burst of inspiration.  I love being surrounded by so many like-minded people who are so creative and unique as well.  My travels are also a big inspiration; I always find time to browse the local craft/art scene.  I really enjoy seeing other people’s arts and crafts, and love supporting independent artists.  You can always tell when they’ve put their love and passion into their work.



The parts of running Stella Blue that I love most are definitely making the pieces, but I also love working festivals or craft shows to sell my work.  I love talking to people at my booth, and I truly appreciate them looking or complimenting, even if they don’t buy anything.  Just hearing them say “oh, that’s so pretty!” makes my day.  Probably my favorite is when they’re checking something out, decide to think about it for the day, and then they have to come back for it.  I also do love buying the beads, yarn, and supplies.  I can’t go into craft stores too often; I see so many things I want to make that I end up buying more than what I came in for.  When I lived in Manhattan, I went to some jewelry wholesalers where the boxes were haphazardly stacked to the ceiling (literally) and you just had to kind of rummage through to find what you wanted.  It was really fun!

Because I don’t depend on making money from my craft to pay my bills, literally every single sale excites me.  I guess it’s simpler that way 🙂  But, the hardest time I can remember with Stella Blue was the first outdoor festival I was vending at.  It was a sunny and very, very windy day in June, and I was perfectly positioned on a hill where the wind violently gusted through every 5 minutes.  I was trying to set up my booth and things were blowing everywhere.  Luckily, I had my amazing MacGyver-like boyfriend helping me set up and we had a spool of fishing line.  He literally tied down everything in my booth with an elaborate network of fishing line.  It took at least an hour and a lot of adjusting, but we were able to secure the tent and everything in it well enough for me to feel comfortable with him leaving and me being there alone until my friend came by later.  If he hadn’t been there that morning, I don’t know how I would’ve had the patience to beat that damn wind!  And I have to add that my friends are amazingly encouraging.  There’s the friend who met me at that same windy festival later in the afternoon with a 6-pack of beer, the one who has gotten her salon to sell some of my jewelry and crochet, and the friend that just talks about my crochet in the winter at the bar and drums up business for me, just to name a few.  They all get me through the hard times, and I’m so grateful!


My down time is usually when I’m making things, so making jewelry, crocheting, and sewing have to be on the list.  I also enjoy doing yoga, hiking, playing softball, swimming, being outside generally.  I love reading, although it mostly ends up being fantasy/science fiction books, some of which are meant for kids 🙂 (my favorites are probably Game of Thrones, The Golden Compass, and Harry Potter).  I love traveling – I pretty much want to go everywhere.  I have traveled in Asia, Europe, and Central America, and done many, many U.S. road trips.  I love driving across the country or to the beach, the mountains, a lake, or a cool little town.  Usually on the weekends, I like to go to a farmers market, do some yoga, chill with my 2 sweet kitties, spend the days outside, hang out with my boyfriend and friends, go to concerts or festivals…


“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars”

-Jack Kerouac, On The Road

This quote stood out to me when a friend wrote it down for me just before I left on a 3 month solo road trip around the country.  It kind of validated this desire I had to do this trip even though some people probably thought it was a crazy idea, and sometimes I wondered if it was.  But the amazing experience fed the free, adventurous, independent side of me when I needed it the most, and I am so thankful for it now.


I would have to say the first camping music festival I went to definitely changed my life.  It was All Good 2005, and although I had been going to concerts since I was a kid, this was my first camping festival experience.  It was so cool to see thousands of people coming from so many different places, converging on this beautiful mountaintop to celebrate music and peace.  I felt like I could truly just be myself, and it was inspiring to be around so many other creative people.  Since then, I have made it a point to go to as many of these festivals as I can get to each year.  Needless to say, our first campsite was pathetic compared to what it is now.  Each year we’ve added another cool feature or convenience, and now we have pretty much the coolest campsite at the festival (I think!).  But I’ve found nothing beats the feeling of dancing to some amazing music outside in a beautiful setting with a whole bunch of other positive and happy people.


I guess just that I really love making things!  I’m always going to be making something; it just makes me happy.  And I think it’s a bonus if other people can appreciate and find joy in my work as well.


I plan on constantly expanding my store.  I am always making new things, depending on when the mood strikes me, so I’m always adding new sections.  I recently made some 20’s flapper style feather headbands, and have been working on a lot of new crochet items for the fall.  I have also been sewing lately, and working on things to add to the store.  It’s a constant work in progress, which is a good thing and a bad thing sometimes.  I always feel like there’s more to do, it’s never going to be complete.  But, I guess that’s just part of the fun..


Selling Venues:

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Julie Tribble

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Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team


Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – June 2014 – Vayda Stapleton – Store: Hippi Heaven




Hi my name is Vayda Stapleton and I am from the woods of Washington where I currently live on 2 acres of land in Woodland.  I am the owner and the creator behind Hippi Heaven.

10528178_10203497636434578_148166037_n I create handmade hula hoops, tie dyes, one of a kynd clothing and hair accessories.
My light is to spread happiness and hippi love through color and hoop fun.


My creation process varies with what I am creating. Each item has its own time frame and individual process, but all are full of love and color and made to last.


As long as I can remember art and music has been my thing, and being an artist has always been my goal. Always drawing, always dreaming, always listening to music and playing numerous instruments.


Painted guitar for the kiddos

When I was 16 I emersed myself in art and music. I took many art classes, spent lots of time in art galleries, always drawing and playing guitar and spending lots of time in vintage shops loving all the colors.10543737_10203498122646733_558314310_n
I started sewing then too. I’d had basic lessons from my mom and I had taken home economics prior (though I hated it as it was so mundain and slow).   I’m a fast learner and repetition drives me insane!

“I found my love for sewing in my first pair of panel pants I created for myself. “

10487642_10203498096766086_31567370_nIt started a fire of passion in me and my dream of Hippi Heaven was born shortly after.  I started sewing my own clothes and creating for friends and family.


When I was 19 I found my gift and path into the healing world. I became a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer within the year.  I continued to paint and sew whenever I could… picking up gigs when I could like shop signs, murals, gifts, etc. My life at that time was very full with a husband, a toddler, and working part time as a healer.


In 2003 my daughter was born and my inner artist was crying to be released. I believe I had fed & awaked her during the process of painting my greatest mural in Helena, MT. “The Fairy Wall.”  This is my most favorite thing I have created and am most proud of to date !!!


I started creating things when I could & playing guitar regularly again.
My dream of Hippi Heaven was rekindled when a few years later we moved to our current home and I finally had space to dedicate to creating a whole room of my own. I was so excited.  As the kids grew I found I had more time to create again.  10543684_10203497655795062_1632800825_n

10555082_10203498096646083_1296832130_nIn 2009 I received my first hula hoop, a trade from a Facebook friend (Krystal).  I was in love! And it opened up the gate of creation.  A year later I found my light, making hoops and spreading hoop love.  I started tie dying again and sewing regularly. For years I held a fine balance of multitasking between Raising two kiddos, being a wife,working as a Massage Therapist and starting Hippi Heaven.


In 2011 I took the big leap and got my business license and started vending.  I quickly became “the Hoop Lady” locally and my booth grew quickly.  I found my true self.  Happily spreading Hippi love through hoops fun and colorful creations.


2012 was a defining moment for me. The universe literally stomped on my foot, no joke, I had sprained my ankle walking out of my friends front door.  It was bad!  I couldn’t massage, I couldn’t hoop, I couldn’t even walk for months.  I spent a lot of time meditating, soul searching and healing.  I was broke down, burnt out from the past 6 years of juggling full time massage, being an artist, mother and wife.  I made the hardest decision of my life. – I closed my successful private practice and retired from massage and the healing world to be a homeschool mom and artist.


I couldn’t be happier!  Yes, its still a juggle but I am so grateful I listened and stood up for myself and my children.  My hoops always bring me so much happiness.


My first memory of seeing something made is a little hard as I don’t remember much before I was 8 when we moved to WA.  I remember my mom being crafty. She painted ceramics a lot.  I got into it with her and I remember drawing all the time.  I have drawing pads full of sketches, doodles, trees, copies of video covers, art, etc.


I’d have to say music and color are the biggest inspirations for me to create.

Then, I listen to my inner guidance and to what the item is crying to be.  There are times when ideas come to me, every step, and my brain will obssess over it until I draw it and create it.


I love everything about what I do at Hippie Heaven.  From finding things at garage sales, thrift stores to recycle to vending at markets and festivals. Still, I’d have to say teaching a newbie how to hoop for the first time is my favorite.  It’s magical seeing their face light up and their heart shine with excitement and joy and playing with the kids at each event I vend at.


What gets me through hard times… Love and support from my hubby and friends and focusing on staying positive… as well as Knowing what I do give goes out and comes back.


In my down time I always love hooping, hiking, camping, foraging/harvesting, mushroom picking, clam digging, oyster picking, hanging with friends and family and spending time with my kiddos.
I love books that educate me about plant identification, self help and herbalism. Currently I am learning to identify wildflowers.



My “miracle” show was the first event I vended and show i attended on my own.

Further came to Edgfield in Oregon.  My hubby was working out of town for the weekend and my friend Mike called me up and said hey you want to go?   I looked at the kids and said you want to go on an adventure and they were stoked. I had the van packed already to vend at the local farmers market which we bailed on and drove to Oregon.  Shakedown was full by the time we got there but that didn’t stop us.  We grabbed hoops and walked around for 4 hours slinging hoops in the lot.  The kids and I had a blast!

That night I found somewhere for the kids to go and the next day I ventured on my own.  No ticket just a van full of creations. I found a space on shakedown and I was a huge success.  My friend Mike found me that day as well as a few other local friends.  All of them had tickets for the show.  I let it go to the universe if I get a ticket sweet if not no biggy I was having fun selling my creations.  Mike came back later with a ticket for me to buy I was ecstatic! I made it to see the show found my friends the Neis family and their tribe way down in the front.  This was the closest I had ever been to the stage at the time.  In the first set they played “I need a miracle.”  It sunk in I was at my miracle show!  It was a little strange to be at a show without my man and to not have kiddos with me, but I had many good friends around (more than I realized at the time). This was also the show where I met Erica & Kyle from the team in person for the first time 😀


My favorite quote… To create change you must walk the path of change.


My hopes and dreams for Hippi Heaven … to continue spreading love!  I hope to travel and vend and then one day to have an actual store to sell my creations.


Peace, Love & Happy Hooping!!!

((Hippi Hugs))



Etsy Store: Hippi Heaven



We are happy you found Hippi Heaven Vayda, and even more proud that you let us visit and get to know you.!  What an amazing Woman!    Love, Deadhead Art Alliance!

Deadhead Art Alliance Product Review Board Presents: Knotty Mama Rag Werk Headband





Fire and Ice Headband by: Knotty Mama



Sew Crafty and Made with Love!  

You can see this dreadlocked angel wears these herself to hold back her locks, you know a artist is true to their work when they make their work to wear themselves.  I’ve personally had long long long hair since I was I child.  Mine is thin and blonde and flows down my back.  All through life I’ve worn pony tails more because ribbons and headbands never stayed in my hair well.  Enter the Rag Werks headbands by Knotty Mama and my story has changed.  I love wearing my Knotty Mama headband., its a good amount of material so it feels good on your head without weighing you down at all.  Some headbands are real headache givers… not these, I have to say they are the most comfortable thing I’ve used to pull my hair back with… Ever!… and no slipping either!     




Great Gifts and a wonderful addition to any lovely goddess’ look 


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Eco-Friendly Upcycled Clothing for Human Beings


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★ handmade


★ upcycled fabric


★ comfort


★ durability


★ style


What more could you really ask for .. we are happy and hope you too will be satisfied.





You can even custom order a headband! You tell her the length and width of your desire.
——Custom order means, it is made just for you!—-full payment required prior to start of project, and then allow one week for it’s completion!

Made from the smallest knit scraps available (Which I love!) 
sewn with love and care! 
Lined head band 
with knit braided ties

Built to last!

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Feel free to comment or ask questions with wild abandonment, just message Maggie-Jane anytime 🙂
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“Buying American and homemade is an investment not only in your fellow humanoid, but in your wardrobe, because my clothes (and other estians’) are likely to outshine and outlast factory assembly line “run of the mill” garments!!!”  quote by Maggie Jane herself 🙂Image 

You can read about this artist by going to her about page

If you love this hair band it will be available in the team store in July… but for now check out these other hair accessories in her store

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Peace Love and Light to All of you and Don’t forget to pack this in your festival gear pack,  It’s finally summer out there!

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Explore, Escape and be Free! Leda May Jones

Explore, Escape and be Free!   Leda May Jones

iusa_75x75.26070303_90hj il_170x135-1.481719703_m6jz il_170x135.591766197_b3f8 il_170x135.547433707_cvah il_170x135.416682668_gidj il_170x135.496700995_oci3 iusb_760x100.13632476_tbbz il_170x135.596290515_13d7 unnamed-5 il_170x135.481675630_8ehp unnamed-2 unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-7 unnamed-8 il_570xN.585105421_e9ac unnamed-1    Hello my name is Leda May Jones.  My store name is Ledamay.  I live in a small town of Willits in Mendocino Ca. I would have to say I love Northern California and hope to own my own little piece of it someday. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and one son that is adored by all the lady’s in the house.  My shops philosophy is to create everything with love and passion and to never get tired of what I’m making by always making it unique and different giving each piece Life!

My purpose with it all is to share a piece of myself with the world

My creative process is forever changing.  I love finding old beautiful fabrics that inspire me and because I have four children and am homeschooling one …waking up early is the time I do most my creating.  The kids will wake up for school and I will have fabric flung all over the house with sewing machine running and a cup of coffee in hand or will be twirling around in my newest creation and my daughters will tell me “ Mom I think that one is the prettiest one yet” haha ( they tell me this with each one.)

I am always changing my work place but I realize I prefer not hiding away I have to be near my children when I’m working and sometimes I think the background noise helps.

I love finding perfection in imperfection I use new fabrics when I can’t find something I need, But the older fabrics just have more character to me ,creating with them is so much more fun!

After I had my first two children I was a single mom needing a career so I decided beauty school was something attainable for myself so I finished and passed state board where then I got a job at Shag salon and would have to say I enjoyed being a hair artist for many years.  It was after I got married and had my third daughter that my husband bought me a sewing machine for our anniversary.


           I found the love for sewing and I haven’t put my sewing machine             away since ………………… is six years later……….wow………………

I would have to say the joy in creating for me is not the in the pieces I’ve made its who I have made them for, like this beautiful lady that came to see me from Oakland I created a dress for her wedding and now on the 25th she wants me to come and do her hair and makeup at the wedding, she has become a friend, and who could ask for more , I am just so blessed to know what I make brings these lovely peaceful people into my life .

  Going back to thinking about my childhood and the first thing I saw being made …My mom had five children and we lived in many different trailers and pieces of property growing up, I was in awe that she always could make a home out of nothing.  We would make furniture out of old tires, rugs out of old rags.  She was definitely ahead of her time with creating things out of old T shirts but we never had a sewing machine and I always thought boy what I could do with one of those!!!!


“What you do really does reflect you and what you reflect comes back”

                             You ask what inspires me to create……… Love inspires me

I mostly sell my handmade art on Etsy and I have only done one vending booth and I loved it .

I would have to say you should give artists working out there some major credit because it is… very hard work!  I think once my children are older I would love to do more.

I am very lucky to have a hardworking husband that has a job that allows me stay home with the kids.  The only hard part is that it can be seasonal work so it always seems when he slows down with building my shop picks up the slack, but my dream is to own a home of our own someday that is definitely a driving force when I get tired I just have to pick myself up and find my creative flow.

I love to paint, cook beautiful food ,play on the beach and go hiking with the kids … but I am sad to say I haven’t gone to any music festivals yet.  Growing up we all just played music by the campfire every night we never really had the money or transportation to do so,  and having a baby at sixteen… I never got to explore that life, this team has definitely made me realize what I have missed all these years so I do hope to experience one someday !! I will be thirty this month I better get movin Time goes by so fast !

       What would I like the world to know about me?

                                                   I would like to let the World Know I am a Dreamer

I never dreamed that I would be making women’s clothing let alone wedding dresses My shop on Etsy has been truly magical to me in how it has transformed and created this web of imagination and creativity in my soul I can say I am just excited to see what happens next !!!

My favorite quote is

“ everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree , it will live its whole life believing it is stupid “ (Albert Einstein)

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Forever Grateful, Deadhead Art Alliance Team